Technical Services


F.T.S. offers several options to help improve how your company runs.

Press Side Trouble Shooting

This service is designed to help press operators with problems they may come across on press while running a job. Our goal is to get the job up and running as quick as possible since most problems can be easily fixed over the phone or via Skype/FaceTime. A press operator will get step by step instruction on how to correct the problem, if not permanently, at least to get the job completed. If a problem is only “temporarily” fixed, we will assist on how to correct the problem permanently once the job is completed. We are successful 90% of the time in fixing issues we encounter.

Project Planning

This service is used to get an idea on what and how a product is converted. We will supply you with all the details on the way to convert the product and the best equipment to convert it on. We also provide you with all the cost involved in getting the capability to run such a project. We will also take on new ideas and give you a step by step plan that we feel will provide you the correct means to do the project you would like to convert.

Job Cost Assistance

You may want to use this service to feel out a particular market or just see where you stand with your pricing. We also can help you with your day-to-day quotes. Along with the quote, you will receive additional information such as how much waste you should run, how long the job should be on press allowing you to see what profits to expect. 

Maintenance Programs

Please call for more information.

Material Source Listing

We will link you with the vendor with the most experience and the best products for your project. This service established a line of communication between you and the vendors, which will make your project successful.

Product Training

If you have a new product that you need training on, give us a call.

Production (Plant) Evaluation

This program is setup for one purpose, to locate and identify all production problems that are costly to the bottom line. You will receive a detailed outline of the issues that we come across. This outline will be in the order of importance, so that you may diagram a plan with accurate and impartial information. This will allow you to take the steps necessary to ensure that your profits are where you expect them to be in the future.

Production Capabilities

This service is designed to help the CEO or the President of Sales decide if they are targeting jobs that best fit their current production facility. On the other hand, they want to know what equipment they would need to improve on current runs, or projects you may be considering. We also will work with a sales force or anyone who needs to be brought up to date on your current capabilities or just general knowledge of the industry.



There are many areas in the flexographic printing industry that FTS consulting services could benefit you. It does not matter if you are looking to get into the Flexo industry for the first time or a veteran owner looking to make improvements to your bottom line, I am sure that with our experience and wealth of knowledge in all aspects of the flexographic printing industry, we will be able to provide you with the answers you need.

All flexographic printing plants have one thing in common and that is they print Flexo. 25 years ago if you printed Flexo you competed against 20% of the Flexo companies in the market today and you were converting one of a hand full of products. This is not the case today. The flexographic printing industry in 2016 is everywhere.

Here are some of the industries Flexographic Printing and packaging dominate and FTS has experience with:


Medical Industry

Gaming Industry

Textile Industry

Food Industry

Auto Industry

Outdoor and Sports Industry

Cosmetic Industry

Personal needs

Alcoholic Beverage Industry

Bottle Water Industry


Wholesale Industry

Communication Industry


Government and State

Chemical Industry

Pet Industry

Home and Garden

Health Industry

Technology Industry


Flexographic Trade Services consulting team, with over 75 years of Flexographic Manufacturing experience, can help you improve your bottom line in many areas of your production plant. 

Here are some of the most common we encounter.



Workflow/Pressroom Efficiency

Prepress Department/Plate Making

Ink Department

Purchasing, Scheduling and Inventory Controls

Rewind, Finishing and Shipping Department


There are many other areas FTS can assist you day-to-day, week-to-week, long term or short term.  

FTS looks forward to providing you with world class services that are only available through FTS and a time proven track record to be proud of, 16 years and going.  


Helping Hands Program

The Flexo Quality Assurance “Helping Hand” program has been set up by Flexographic Trade Services for Offset companies, as well as other types of manufacturers, to help them expand their business into Flexography.

If you are considering getting into Flexo, Flexographic Trade Services’ “Helping Hand” program is designed for you. F.T.S. provides you with a team of Flexo Quality Certified professionals that can educate your company on the benefits of the Flexo Industry. 

Flexographic Trade Service has assembled some of the top Vendors in the Flexographic industry to help make sure that you have everything you need to make that transition a smooth process.


Partnership Program

The Flexo Quality Assurance “Partnership” program has been created by Flexographic Trade Services to give Offset companies, as well as other manufacturers, a “Partner” with Flexographic experience, to help them expand their business into Flexography.

Flexographic Trade School provides you with a team of Flexo Quality Assurance Certified professionals that can become your “Partner” to help your company move towards becoming an efficient and profitable Flexographic printing company. 

Quality Assurance Production System

This managing and scheduling program is set up to work with your production manager, shift supervisor and/or production-scheduling department. If you are doing less than 5 million dollars a year, a single manager should be all you need. In addition, for every 3 to 5 million dollars over that, you will need to look at additional true supervisors. What we do is teach your production manager how and what they should be doing to ensure that your internal department heads receive on time the correct information according to your current production flow.