Flexographic Training Services has several options available to help improve your current flexographic printing personnel, from our Intro to Flexography to our “We come to you!” onsite training. 

Intro to Flexography (Basic) 1-day Training Class

This is a 1-day “hands-on” training class. Each individual will receive instruction on the operation of an 8 color Flexo press while setting up a 4-color process job. This class is for individuals that are looking for a basic understanding of Flexography. (Customer Service, Sales and management)

This class will cover the following:

Ink (Different Types of Inks)

Press Safety and Function

Printing Plates

Doctor Blades

Anilox Rolls

Sticky Back

Plate Mounting

Running a 4-color Process Job

 Each attendee will be given a test at the beginning of the class to “test” their current knowledge of Flexo, then will go over the test again at the end of the day to see what they have learned.


Class will run from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm.


Intro to Flexography (In-Depth) 2-day Training Class

This is an intensive 2-day “hands-on” training class that provides an introduction to the Flexographic printing process. Each student will receive instruction in the basic techniques of Narrow-Web production. This class is targeted toward personnel that are new to the Flexo industry or just need a better understanding of the flexo process. (Customer Service Reps, Sales staff, management, etc.)

During this 2-day class the students will actually run a 10” 8-color press. Each student will be given a test at the beginning of the class to determine their “pre-training” knowledge of the Flexo process. This will help each student see exactly what they learned from the class.

The student will walk away with the basic knowledge of the following:

ü Plate Making

ü Plate Mounting

ü Ink Handling

ü Anilox Roll Management

ü Press Set-up and Printing

ü Die Cutting

ü Narrow-Web Flexo Printing

ü How Anilox rolls are made

ü Flexographic Stock

ü Flexographic Inks

Our Intro to Flexography class is held from 9:00am to 4:00pm. 


3-month Press Operator Training Class

This program is available to the public as well as our members. A member may hire someone from the school or send someone from their company to FTS for training.


In-house 3-month Operator Program

This program was developed after more than 14 years of training students for the flexographic printing industry. This unique training program allows you the employer to hire local and or individuals known to you to be trained and certified while running your work, eliminating relocation cost as well as the concern of your new employee liking the area or getting home sick.

This is how it works, first potential trainees must take the FTS Mechanical Skills Aptitude test, once they have passed the M.S.T we recommend they work for you at least 4 weeks or they have already worked for you a minimum of 4 weeks. This step is to insure that the individual has a good work ethic and fits in your program.

Next the student or students will come to the FTS training facility in Spartanburg, South Carolina for the first two weeks of training. At this time the students will be taught the basics and safety of flexographic printing. 

Once the students complete the first phase they will return to your plant and will be met by a FTS instructor to continue their training for two weeks. This training will be done on your equipment running your live work. 

In 8 weeks the FTS instructor will return to do final evaluation and testing. Provided the students pass they will then be certified as FTS graduates and will receive their graduation certification.

A company may send as many as 3 students at a time for this program. The cost is the same for 3 as it is for one. 

There is no guarantee that a student taking this program will pass and be certified, it is on the individual how well they do. 


§ Travel and room and board for students attending the school. (cost to be determined)

§ Travel and room and board for FTS instructor coming to your plant. (cost to be determined)

§ 3-month operator program $7,000.00 (Up to 3 students)

Each student is required to pass both academic and production requirements before graduating. They will complete a minimum of 384 hours on press training, a written test and a hands-on exam.

This class is held Monday through Thursday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.


Custom Training

Our custom training is just that, custom training. Just give us a call and we can customize a training class specifically designed to your needs. We can design a training class for one or for up to eight people, this program is for both Sales and Production. Give us a call and we will discuss your needs. (Training can be done at our facility in Spartanburg, SC or at your location.)

Onsite Training

Our “We come to you!” onsite training is available for companies that are not able to send the personnel that need the training all at once or may have specific equipment or projects that they want the training for.